George Carter Jr.

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George Carter Jr may have started his music career at a young age when
he was seen singing a multitude of Beatles songs at the tender age of
2 years old. However, it didn't stop with the precocious crooning of a
toddler. George joined a band as a singer at the age of 12, and by the
age of 14 he had moved on to learning the skills needed to play
guitar. The first ten years of his pursuit of music were spent honing
his singing abilities and practicing chords. With time and practice he
became more and more comfortable with live performances and set out to
find people to help him both showcase his talents and push him to

When George was in his late 20s he obtained his first computer and
began developing the capacity to write his own songs. While he enjoyed
playing covers of the greats as he joined various Montreal area bands,
he had his own story to tell and knew that all it would take was time
to learn everything he needed to do exactly that.

Eventually George found his dream job when he was hired to work at
MASC studios in downtown Montreal. He started as an engineer but
quickly went on to become the studio manager, helping to make sure
other local artists sounded as good as they possibly could when they
came in to record their demo albums.

Meanwhile, although he worked hard at MASC, he continued to play live
any chance he got, while writing and producing original music. Not
only did he fill up an album of his own, he also created music for
other upcoming Montreal artists, spreading his talent across the city.

With the advances of the Internet, George managed to not only write
and work with incredible local artists, he also began collaborating
with people outside of his own city and created a wealth of amazing
music on and His hard work paid off
when he was voted the artist of the month on SongRamp in March 2012.

In June 2011, George packed up all his guitars and studio gear and
moved from Montreal to Halifax. Recently George has begun meeting
other local East Coast musicians and has been playing live, making a
real name for himself. Locals in the area can check his schedule to
see where he's playing with various bands such as The George Carter Jr
Trio, The Shoes, and even guest appearing with established groups like
The Lucky Dog Blues Band. Odds are good that you can stop in and see
him at one of the many local venues in and around the Greater Halifax
area, and if you want him to perform in your bar or at a private
function, he's available for booking purposes.

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